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atrium house

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Sobriety and harmony. The modern architecture and the sobriety of the interior design give shape to the Atrium house. The exclusive design of the furniture, which was used for the project, allowed us to create an atmosphere that provides unique sensations, thus the space becomes a refuge to the delight of its inhabitants.


The combination of materials and lighting create a cozy space. The color palette was characterized by the use of gray and warm tones throughout the house, maintaining a lot of neutrality in the spaces, touches of color are applied in the paintings and decorative accessories.


In Casa Atrium, the natural beauty of the exterior landscape was combined with the design, which is why an extension of the dining room to the terrace was included, through the windows that can be opened completely and give rise to the integration of the spaces.


Project Scope

Interior design / Furniture / Decoration


George Silva



About the Project

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