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CB2 House

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Project Scope

Remodeling / Interior design / Furniture / Decoration


Lorena Darquea 



The CB2 project is the remodeling of a house, in which a timeless, sober and elegant design proposal was achieved. The remodeling was greater, because practically only the structure of the house and the walls were used. Floors, coatings, windows, electrical installations, hydraulic installations, kitchen, carpentry and gardening were changed, achieving fluid, sophisticated and at the same time welcoming spaces.

On the ground floor of the residence there is a captivating hall with a tree in the center and further on you can see the large dining room, where the walnut wood furniture stands out, an aged mirror and a continuous window with which it connects with the room, and the bar. The room has a wooden wall that surrounds and gives identity to this area, accompanied by an exquisite chandelier and gray furniture with cushions in blue tones.


For the bar, we sought to take advantage of the space under the stairs, creating a practical and functional place that would serve the kitchen and living room as a bar. Other details to mention are the two old glass lamps with staggered design, which were made exclusively for this residence, located in the light cube and the living room, as well as a wooden sculpture, endowed in a central sense.

The upper floor is distributed in three bedrooms and a study space with a living area. The children's bedroom is decorated in shades of beige, dark blue and white, achieving a youthful, fun and relaxed space, with metal furniture with white printed designs. As well as with two Puffs to read or watch TV, footboard and a bookcase. The main bedroom, decorated in beige and white tones, has a king size bed, two walnut wood bureaus with touches of gold, and monochrome wallpaper, which emphasize the delicate beige headboard that together with the other elements provide peace and elegance.   

To finish off, independent of the house, a special and cozy module was remodeled with an upper floor dedicated to a spacious and elegant cinema room, and a lower floor with a sophisticated study, where the main element is a desk with an exclusive design by VP Interiorismo. , made in a piece of marble with walnut wood.

About the Project

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