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House CH

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Project Scope

Interior design / Furniture / Decoration


Lorraine Darquea



Casa CH is a project where we work together with the architect Ricardo Maciel and the engineer Gustavo Menchaca, by teaming up from the construction site, a house was achieved where the conceptual axis was to create living spaces to enjoy with all the members of the community. family. From the facade we can see the play of different materials in balance, framed by the green of the plants and a visual finish of a sculpture by Yuri Zatarain. 

On the ground floor are the integrated living areas, each space can also be used independently. Dining room and bar join the terrace completely. 

The bedrooms are located in the upper part, totally independent from the rest of the house, this works very well since, in case of using social areas, they are isolated and without noise to allow the rest of the family members.

About the Project

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