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Plum House

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It is a place where rest and tranquility will be your companions throughout your stay.

Each of the areas in Casa Ciruelo plays an important role in the unification of concept and design, achieving, through the application of textures and colors, to combine interiors with exteriors. The main entrance has little furniture, which greatly enhances the leading role of the decorative arts.

The social area contains a series of continuous spaces to the terrace, which was designed using materials such as stone, granite base and a solid wood countertop; it also has a cellar, made of the same materials. For adult entertainment, there is a pool table and card table. This area includes a TV room, leather sofas, and furniture made of wood and thick iron.

The dining room, made up of leather furniture and the eccentric chandelier, make it an area full of textures; walls covered with wood panels, mirrors, pots and discreet colors that create a modern and elegant atmosphere, achieving visual harmony in this space.

The 7 rooms were conceptualized with national and international furniture. Each one was specially designed to meet the needs of users. The main rooms have a desk and a seating area with armchairs.

The children's rooms have cheerful and colorful tones; They were designed with adjusted furniture that adapts to your needs and to the spaces. All rooms have views of the lake, the landscape or the greenery of the garden.

Ambient lighting is extremely important: throughout the house, there are small indirect coves and light fixtures, depending on the space, as well as chandelier details to accentuate specific areas.

The same materials used were gray marble, black granite, parota and walnut wood, Italian porcelain tiles, and gray quarry stone.

Neutral colors predominate, however, there are some strong colors that add character and enhance even the smallest detail, achieving a space that invites guests to rest and enjoy harmony.


Project Scope

Interior design / Furniture / Decoration


George Silva



About the Project

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