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Water House

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Project Scope

Interior design / Furniture / Decoration


Lorraine Darquea



Casa del Agua is a project whose guiding axis is water, making this our source of inspiration and maintaining that essence in every corner which is evident in multiple objects and details, an example is the grand staircase with a spiral design in black sheet ; protagonist piece of the space around which the design of the main hall was planned. 

Each space was personalized according to the members of the family, giving textures with wallpaper and creating contrasts by highlighting the art on the walls. 

A large painting made especially for this residence was placed in the room, with the theme "The Lady of the Water", complementing the space with furniture in neutral and blue tones. As well as 2 lamps that allude to drops of water, which frame the staircase, falling on each space which generates greater movement.

About the Project

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