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House Fazago

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The client's interest was to have a place to live and spend time with all members of the family, so the design of the house focuses mainly on wide and warm spaces. 

The residence has three levels: basement, ground floor and first floor. The ground floor includes the most important areas for social life, living room and dining room. All five bedrooms and the master bedroom are located on the upper floor.  

It also has an aviary that is one of the guiding elements of the house and that has a view of the three levels of the residence, with nature highlighting this aspect that is very important for the whole family. Inside it has natural plants and various species of birds. 

The range of colors was chosen in beige, gray and blue, the materials that predominate in the project are marble and wood. Eureka Cream marble was used for the basement and ground floor floors, wood was applied to the upstairs floors, doors and millwork. 

Lighting was essential for this project. Significant elements of the residence are highlighted and a warm atmosphere is achieved in each of its rooms.


Project Scope

Interior design / Furniture / Decoration


Oscar Delgado / Jorge Silva



About the Project

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