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House Ma Lake

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Casa Ma is a remodeling project conceptualized in generating synergy and contrast between the Mexican and the contemporary. The construction of the house gives us Catalan brick vaults that help regulate the interior temperature, while creating a sequence of spaces providing authenticity to the property.

The interior design is based on the combination and contrast of neutral tones, natural materials and a range of blue tones applied to the details, framed by the warm lighting that complements the original architecture. 

The project creates an environment with a high value of architectural continuity where you can enjoy the interior comfort, with the visibility of the exterior; integrating living room, dining room and terrace in a large living space. 

In the materials, the use of parota is highlighted, as the primary wood in the project, applied in general carpentry, furniture and accents; accompanied by handmade embroidery, wicker baskets and details in natural materials that reflects the authenticity of the design in this project. 

In the project there are 2 guest rooms decorated in neutral tones with color contrasts in green and blue; also youth rooms, one in romantic touches with shades of pink, cream, ivory and white base for furniture; and another with a bold and adventurous combination of gray and navy blue tones accompanied by the strength of wood in furniture and finishes.


A sanctuary of rest and comfort materializes in the main room, where a bench along the large window allows a showcase for reading or simply appreciating the entry of natural light; the comfort of the furniture is the icing on the cake so that this space is simply a dream come true.


Project Scope

Interior design / Furniture / Decoration


Oscar Slim


2018 - 2019

About the Project

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