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Penitas House

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Project Scope

Interior design / Decoration


Oscar Slim


2018 - 2019

The conceptualization of this project was based on respect for nature, the environment and the environment to which we would merge.  The house is located on the shore of the beach, therefore, the construction on stilts was the option chosen for the foundation of this project as well as the placement of the deck directly on sand, thereby achieving the fluidity of the sea in case the tide rises and that the water can be absorbed by the sand

Located on the first floor are the social spaces: kitchen, dining room, living room and terrace; open areas that facilitate the interaction of users, complemented by a loft with relaxed furniture. Materials resistant to moisture and sun were preferred; The use of tropical woods such as Tzalam and Parota is essential.

Rest is essential in this project, which is why the use of innovative sound-insulating materials was required, achieving the separation of social spaces without losing the essence of the place.

This project has a craftsmanship seal in every detail, from the amazing palm roofs, commonly known as palapas, to the hand-made embroideries in Mexican colors; admirable details achieved by local artisans that provide touches of warmth to each space.

About the Project

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