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Plamo Corporate

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Corporativo Plamo welcomes us with a warm space made up mainly of wood, in wall coverings, furniture with color accents, avant-garde touches in accessories and metallic details. Santo Tomas marble slabs were used on the floor, and Statuerieto marble coverings on the walls and reception.

Elegance and order are the attributes of the team's work area, where a large double-height space was designed with natural light, which enters through windows, reflecting maximum purity thanks to the white color applied to walls and vaults. The functionality and ergonomics is achieved through the spaciousness of its corridors and work furniture.

The main offices are created with a formal personality based on the use of wood as the main element, in floors and furniture, providing a strong hierarchy to the space.

The interaction of nature with the work spaces is achieved by means of flower pots inside and a large garden outside, which can be enjoyed thanks to the windows located throughout most of the spaces. A space focused on concentration and productivity.


Project Scope

Interior Design 


Tamara Uribe



About the Project

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