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Hotel Casa Cocula

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Project Scope

Interior design / Furniture / Decoration


Oscar Slim



The Casa Cocula Boutique Hotel was born with the aim of offering a magical escape full of history and tradition that merges with modern comforts.  It is an old mansion from the end of the 19th century, surrounded by charming streets and churches.

Received by an income that transports you to colonial times, it gives rise to a space that mixes the conservation and restoration of ancient architecture with modern construction. In charge of the architect Alfonso Núñez, this project achieves the perfect balance of both influences, reflected in 2 buildings joined by a central patio, where you can see the wide corridors framed by colonial arches.

The majesty of culture, history and tradition come together in every detail of this beautiful boutique hotel made up of 18 rooms, including doubles and suites, that invite relaxation and rest. The use of materials such as walnut wood, marble, ironwork, brick finishes in its vaults and walls, highlight the beauty of the place.

The space also has a spa, multipurpose rooms, a restaurant and a terrace bar, made up of parota tables and ironwork bases along with traditional equipment, with a beautiful view of the central patio.

About the Project

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