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Project Scope

Interior design / Furniture / Decoration


Oscar Slim



Casa Luma TM is a unique and unrepeatable space, being only classifiable by its attention to detail. Representation of eclecticism, by mixing an avant-garde design with the traditional Mexican essence, being a comfortable and durable home.

For the entrance, a perforated ironwork door was designed that sets the style standard for the rest of the house; The central courtyard is combined with its quarry textures, neutral colors and vegetation.

The terrace is a contrasting space thanks to the pasta floor with parota wood; being the protagonist in the setting of the space, being present the individual armchairs with embroidered Mexican cushions, the blacksmith bookcase that matches the backrests of the armchair and the lamps with wooden sleeper bases. All this culminates with a spectacular view that provides towards the lagoon, conceiving an exceptional visual proposal.

Spectacular from any angle, the dining room was designed to accommodate a large number of people. Based on the exquisite combination of wood and its black woven chairs. Finally, two credenzas join symmetry to the space in this symphony of textures and materials.

With a colorful Mexican rose and Otomi painting creating a bold visual punch, this room welcomes its guests. Furthermore, it is with artful appeal that her hand-embroidery and soft-textured armchairs achieve what is by all denominations an eclectic oeuvre. Finally, he decided on a stone fireplace that was the representation of comfort.

With its neutral colors and natural lighting obtained from large windows that let in large amounts of light, this bedroom achieves strong contrasts of light and shadow in every corner, highlighting each of the materials and textures implemented.

One of the most beautiful areas of the house is in its corridors where you can see the arches that overlook the central patio.

About the Project

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