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Maiave Spa

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This was a project in which VP Interiorismo participated in all design stages. We worked on it from start to finish, for two years, collaborating with various architects, engineers and designers from our office.

The Spa is currently located in a space where the hotel realized that it was not in use, the basement. This was full of machines, warehouses and laundries. The build had quite a few challenges due to the limits that the space already offered and the way our design had to blend with it. The hotel never stopped working, so the construction had to be inconspicuous for the guests. The client was genuinely concerned about the lack of use of the space and was aware that the guests needed a first class elegant spa.

Our client's requirements were that the spa should become a unique, timeless and original place. The materials had to be durable and a Mexican vibe would always have to be perceived; it was really important that the spa complies with the safety of the guests, that's why our project included signage, fire protection, air conditioning, etc.

We decided to decorate the place with natural stones such as “Ivory cream” marble on the walls and “Dakota coffee” marble on the floors. The woods that were used were "Parota" and "Tzalam", which are recognized for being tropical woods and have great resistance to humidity. The decoration objects were handmade by Mexican artisans and the bedding was made by a native community.

One of the most difficult challenges was the fabric, furniture, decoration and materials that were highly resistant due to the high humidity levels in Puerto Vallarta.

This was a project that had a global thinking design with a special meaning, so the spa client would live a unique experience and feel the warmth of Mexico in their hearts.


Project Scope

Interior design / Furniture / Decoration


Tamara Uribe / Oscar Slim



About the Project

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