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Country Offices

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Luxury and comfort. Country Offices is a project that stands out for having a spectacular view and excellent natural lighting.

These aspects were a fundamental part of the design, a warm environment was created, but also very dynamic so that the development of work in these offices is more pleasant. In the meeting room, sober Herman Miller furniture was chosen that, in addition to being comfortable, has a unique and innovative design that served as inspiration to integrate the other aspects of the decoration.

The gray tones and the contrasts of black and white gave formality to the environment, in addition, the view of the green of nature and the plants in the space provided vitality and freshness. In the offices we take care of manifesting the personality of our clients, and we generate areas where they could receive their visits in a more comfortable and informal way. The art in the paintings and sculptures add touches of color and make these spaces unique.


Project Scope

Interior design / Furniture / Decoration


George Silva



About the Project

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