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PF Ajijic

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Project Scope

Interior design / Furniture / Decoration


Oscar Slim



This project was developed in collaboration with Arch. Elías Rizo, Calca Constructora and VP Interior Design, seeking the free interaction of open spaces for a relaxed coexistence of users; resulting in a 3-level house characterized by the Mexican style.

Authenticity that strikes the perfect balance between relaxed and elegant thanks to its use of color  and art accents and hand-embroidered textiles.

The welcome to this house is through a blue corridor with wooden details that directs attention to a majestic hand-embroidered painting, giving way to an open space in which the division between exterior and interior is lost, here They find the main room and the family room, which are unified with the terrace and the large garden that invites conviviality thanks to its bar and dining room.

On the first floor are the children's and visitor's bedrooms, in which the balance between spaciousness and functionality was achieved thanks to the use of bunk beds, accompanied by their respective color accents.

The second floor is privileged for its views and privacy, housing the large master bedroom with its own TV room, a bathroom and a roof garden.

About the Project

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