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Project Scope

Interior design / Furniture / Decoration


Oscar Slim



Casa PF is the result of teamwork, from the AE architects office with VP interior design, the purpose of this project was to create a cozy and elegant house with distinctive neutral touches. We got involved in this project from the beginning, focusing on the comfort and functionality of our client's space.

The interior design is based on an eclectic style, represented in the walnut wood finishes and contrasts created with lighting, colors and textures.

A sanctuary to intimacy, with a visual balance provided by a green wallpaper. In the guest bathroom, the vintage touch is given by the combination of materials from the blacksmith shop.

The main room, one of the key pieces of the house, we make the most of the contrasts provided by its large windows enhanced with neutral colors, applied in the individual armchairs with soft textures. The leading role is taken by the lamp and the chest of drawers, whose antique brass fronts make them become one of the main pieces of the house.

An eye-opener connected to the living room, in the bar, the eye is drawn to a tufted upholstered wall with an absolute black marble countertop and fine lines of gold brass to match the glassware.

Functional and aesthetic. The terrace, with an absolute black marble floor, accentuated with a painting and chandelier, added to a prostrate dining room based on parota wood slats with an enclosure cover, perfectly complement the small living area, with its mustard cushions. giving that touch of life.

The garden has a pool and a grill made of black granite, a living area with a dresser and four hanging chairs that allow you to be in contact with nature.

In the main room, a neutral color palette was used with walnut wood furniture, as well as a footboard that also functions as a trunk and an L-shaped sofa, all with touches of blue and a bookcase that plays with symmetry at different heights with shelves.

The color palette for the boy's bedroom was chosen in shades of gray and blue, to give a vivid touch to the bedroom. The materials that stand out are the walnut wood present in all the furniture. It has two puffs that serve as a rest and games area as well as a window that uses its geometric shape as a desk, being a visual finishing touch to the space.

In the baby's room, it's all about using a soft color palette as evidenced by the pink and gray wallpaper on the white wood walls. To give it a touch of color and harmony, individual armchairs were placed with a foot rest in green tones with a gold base.


The project contemplated that each one of the daughters felt in their own space and transmitted the personality of each one, this was achieved through the creation of a functional environment, each one with its own desk and individual beds made of walnut wood, with an online wallpaper application of soft colors and accents in shades of gold.

About the Project

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