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Sheraton Buganvilias Resort & Convention Center

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Long days on the beach, orange sunsets in which we let ourselves be refreshed by the sea breeze; This is how a simple concept was created that makes rest shine in its furniture and decorative details.

For this project we weaved a special chair with sandy touches and neutral tones, accompanied by light wooden furniture, textiles woven by artisans on its walls, accentuating blue details in the rooms and in their decorative touches.

We are greeted by a glass space with open corridors, incredible heights and views of the ocean that make this design a unique experience. An area designed for the delight of its guests emerges from this space. In the center there is a lamp designed in alpaca material, perforated by hand. In addition, the unevenness, heights, light and brightness frame this incredible piece.

The furniture that was used was made of wood, in turn covered with art in embroidery and, on the floor, stone and marble were used, which melt to give way to an incredible tree root that captures your senses.

The lobby has a white Carrara marble bar, combined with a wooden latticework with lighting, which frames this large space.


Project Scope

Interior design / Furniture / Decoration


Tamara Uribe / Oscar Delgado



About the Project

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